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          報告題目: Markdown or Trade-up? Incentives to Induce Early Purchases in the Presence of Product Rollover


          報告地點:騰訊會議,會 ID742 489 821(或點擊鏈接直接加入會議:https://meeting.tencent.com/s/nvgmdBSmGQwQ

          報告人:肖勇波 清華大學經濟管理學院教授


          肖勇波,清華大學經濟管理學院管理科學與工程系長聘教授。2000年獲清華大學管理信息系統學士學位,2006年獲清華大學管理科學與工程碩士和博士學位,2006.1--2008.7清華大學經濟管理學院應用經濟學博士后。目前兼任清華大學現代管理研究中心主任助理和兼職研究員,擔任國際學術期刊《Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering》的Managing Editor;是教育部長江學者青年學者(2016)、國家自然科學基金優秀青年基金(2012)和中國管理學青年獎(2014)的獲得者。主要研究領域包括收益與定價管理、供應鏈管理、服務管理等。學術論文發表于《Operations Research》、《Production and Operations Management》、《Decision Sciences》、《Naval Research Logistics》和《IIE Transactions》等運作管理領域重要國際期刊,以及《系統工程理論與實踐》、《中國管理科學》和《管理科學學報》等國內核心學術期刊。



          In the presence of frequent product rollovers, strategic customers decide to whether buy the current product or wait for an upgraded product in future. This paper investigates two demand management policies-markdown and trade-up that have potential in inducing early purchases from strategic customers under product rollover. Under the markdown policy, the seller offers a discount for the current product as time approaches to the release of the new product. Under the trade-up policy, the seller sells a unit of the current product together with the promise of upgrading to a new product when it is released. We investigate the optimal dynamic pricing decisions under these two policies respectively. We show that the optimal price does not necessarily decrease over time under the markdown policy. Neither does the optimal trade-up price under the trade-up policy. We compare the seller's optimal profit under the two policies and find that no one dominates the other. This motivates us to study the combination of the two options; that is, the seller can offer both the markdown option and the trade-up option. The numerical studies suggest that the seller benefits more from the hybrid policy when waiting customers are more likely to renege, the residual value of the current product is medium, the innovation level of the new product is high, and the regular selling price is high.


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